NRA Outstanding Achievement Youth Award

The NRA Outstanding Achievement Youth Award encourages and recognizes those junior shooting sports participants who take an active part in their community and shooting sports through individual contributions, educational pursuits, and accomplishments.

The award is designed to promote a greater appreciation of the programs the NRA has to offer and to increase awareness of the shooting sports activities in which youth can participate.

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Core Requirements (All six required)

  1. Eligible through the year of your 21st birthday.
  2. Attend and complete one NRA Basic Firearm Training Course.
  3. Participate in the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program by earning a rating in one discipline.
  4. Attach an essay of no more than 1,000 words; the subject of the essay is "What the Shooting Sports has Taught Me," describing why you began to participate in the shooting sports, the lessons learned and how you use these lessons in your everyday life.
  5. Three letters of reference, including one from your coach, and one from a teacher.
  6. A copy of your current school transcript.

Elective Requirements (you must complete a minimum of five)

  1. Earn an NRA Classification Card by competing in an NRA-sanctioned competitive shooting event.
  2. Present the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program to a group of elementary school-age children between pre-Kindergarten and fourth grade.
  3. Attend and complete an additional NRA Basic Firearm Training Course.
  4. Earn an additional rating in the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program.
  5. Compete in an NRA-sanctioned Sectional, Regional, or State Championship.
  6. Attend or volunteer at an NRA Shooting Sports Camp.
  7. Attend or volunteer at a Friends of NRA event.
  8. Attend the NRA Annual Meeting.
  9. Attend an NRA Youth Hunter Education Challenge event.
  10. Enter a submission for the NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest.
  11. Be a current member of a local shooting club or team.
  12. Participate in a summer camp shooting program.
  13. Assist in a wildlife conservation, ECHO, or Hunters for the Hungry program.
  14. Complete a state-sponsored hunter education course.
  15. Participate in a shooting or hunting clinic.
  16. Participate or serve as a volunteer at an NRA national shooting sports event.
  17. Participate in a Boy Scout, Venturing, Law Enforcement Explorer, 4-H, FFA, DeMolay, American Legion, Jaycee, JROTC, or other recognized youth shooting program.
  18. Visit the National Firearms Museum or another museum which features firearm displays.


Once a participant meets the requirements, he or she will be eligible for our National prizes. Our National award winners will receive:

1st place - $5,000 

2nd place - $3,000

3rd place - $2,000

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Need Help?

For any additional questions, contact the NRA Youth Programs Department at (703) 267-1505 or email [email protected].